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The Yaldhurst Museum Print Shop has attracted much praise over the years, to find such a wide variety of vintage printing equipment is a rare experience. The plant mainly consists of letterpress and several small offset presses. The most impressive machine is an 1863 Wharfdale tumble cylinder press requiring two operators.
The Press is operational and is most impressive to see running and realize the skill of the designers and engineers.
Our next large press is an 1897 horizontal Miehle, once used for all types of large format printing. It too is operational. If the machines are not operating on the day of your visit, you can watch a video of many of the machines in action.

Another item is the 1962 Export Albert Grala formally used for high class printing and also general large format work. Our Heidelberg Model T automatic platen is a useful machine and can still turn out presentable work. We have six hand fed platen machines ranging from an 1880 Chandler and Price to a more modern Cropper machine of 1950 as well as Arab and Haddon.

Of course to back up our letterpress plant we have arguably the largest private collection of movable type in the Southern Hemisphere, sizes and faces of every description. Our mechanical typesetting equipment comprises four Intertype/Linotype machines, one Ludlow caster – with a range of matrices. We also have a fully functioning mono room with two Monotype casters and one Supercaster together with a keyboard and many different mono matt type font moulds. Other displays include a 1980 compugraphic edit writer 2750 photo typesetter and other photo typesetting machines. Our print shop is under continuous review with our objective to make your visit to our print shop a memorable experience.
1863 Wharfdale – flatbed tumble cylinder press.
1880 Chandler & Price – foot treadle hand fed platen
c1897 Miehle - flatbed printing press
1960 Heidelberg – model T automatic platen press
1962 Albert – Export Grala cylinder press.
Monotype System – Compostion Caster
Monotype System – Super Caster
c1950 Cropper – Platen press
Intertype c4 – Line Caster Machine
Arab – Handfed platen
Haddon – Platen press
1980 Compugraphic Editwriter 2750 – photo type setter
c1960 Ludlow – Line Casting machine

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